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Aggarwal College of Education (affiliated to M.D. University, Rohtak) was opened in 2008 with the aim of creating a future generation of teachers equipped with a social vision and committed to spreading education in the society with diligence and intelligence, with commitment and dedication.

These very values inform the work of the parent body, Aggarwal Vidya Pracharni Sabha(Regd.), a pioneer in the field of education in the area, an institution which emerged out of the progressive vision of the community leaders who were infused with the zest of spreading education in this semi-rural and semi-backward area at that time.

Since then, it has kept on opening educational institutions providing primary, secondary and higher education. The schools and the college being run by it have earned a distinguished place for themselves with their illustrious achievements in every field. It could become possible through the unceasing efforts, the unabated urge to take the mission of quality education ahead and a realistic future vision of the leaders of the Sabha and the ever-reliable cooperation of its members.

Aggarwal College of Education is yet another institution in this series. It is equipped with adequate infrastructure, efficient and progressive management skills and visionary leadership. Housed in a beautiful, airy building outside the city in an area congenial for learning, it has all the facilities a future teacher might require. It doesn't only promise; it really delivers.
  • "The Aggarwal College of Education has been established with a mission to promote value based quality education. The motive of the institution is excellence through perseverance..

  • "Aggarwal College of Education has made progressive strides in the field of education during a short period. The sole objective of our institution apart from providing quality education is to inculcate human values and good virtues so that our students grow up into responsible citizens of the country. Emphasis is on sharpening the overall personality of the students with the focus on developing a sense of confidence. The college provides a well-stocked library.

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